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One spring night, we stopped at Giddy Ups after attending the Texas Music Series concert at Hill's Cafe.  Jackson Taylor was playing, but there were a lot of 'new' faces in the audience (along with several old friends).  We found a table where we could watch all the proceedings and settled in to enjoy some more good music.

Keith Kelso

Standing close by was a young man, quietly watching everybody.  We offered him a chair.  There aren't enough tables and chairs for the Wednesday night crowd so everyone is welcome to sit where ever there's an extra chair.

The young man introduced himself as Keith Kelso and said he was a musician.  Our ears perked up!  We always enjoy meeting / seeing / hearing new artists.  Keith was definitely new to us although I had heard his name from some of our friends.

Keith did a couple of songs, but, it was late and few really listened.  Sure wish I'd had my camera with me....but, no pictures of that first meeting.

The next time we saw Keith was at River Road Icehouse for Jason Allen's acoustic show.  Keith and his date joined our table (hmmmm....is there a trend here?).  This time when he got up to do a couple of songs....we were hooked!!  We both bought copies of his CD Written in Stone before he could get away for the evening.  The title song is one of the neatest 'love songs' I've ever heard....and the rest of the CD is awesome!!

Keith hasn't been playing a lot lately (sometimes 'life' just gets in the way!), so I don't have a lot of pictures of him.  We saw him a lot more often before I decided to create the website and got kinda serious about taking pictures of our adventures.  ;(

When you hear Keith, you just can't help being entertained.  Be sure to watch...and listen...for him.  And, if you are lucky enough to see him in person, make sure you get a copy of his CD...it'll be some of the best money you've spent in a long time.

NOTE:  Keith has stopped playing for the time being to spend quality time raising his family.


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Keith Kelso
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Keith Kelso
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Keith Kelso
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Keith Kelso
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