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Jason Arnold & the Stepsiders 

I've always enjoyed the music of Jason whether he was sitting in with someone, singing a cover, or doing one of his many originals.  But, for some reason, I've never had the camera with me when we went to see him.

That finally changed.  Now we have our first (and hopefully not last) photos of the entire band at one of their own shows!!

Jason plays the bass in the band.  Some of their songs are kinda fast and I marvel at how he can sing that fast and not miss a lick playing.  Wonder if it's because he closes his eyes and 'concentrates'?  :)

If you see Jason and the Stepsiders playing in any venue you can get to.....GO!!  When you do, be ready to dance and enjoy the entire evening!

Jason Arnold and the Stepsiders

Click on the small images to open the photo albums.  Enjoy!!

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Jason Arnold & the Stepsiders!

Jason Arnold & The Stepsiders @ Giddy Ups
04/25/09 Giddy Ups

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